“There is no single path that leads to jihad, but in exploring Mr. Yaken’s life, signposts emerge. There are influences familiar and easy to discuss, like a lack of economic opportunity and a renewed sense of political alienation, especially among youths. But there are also more delicate subjects — less often publicly debated, let alone dissected — like the increasingly conservative thinking that defines the faith for many Muslims today, or sexual repression among young people who are taught that their physical and emotional desires can bring them eternal damnation.

““Suppose a young man falls in love with a girl in college,” Sheikh Yacoub said in one of hundreds of sermons posted on his YouTube page. “He doesn’t touch her or talk to her or send her messages. He doesn’t even look at her.”

““That’s still zina!” he yelled out, using the Arabic term for the sin of adultery and fornication.”

This story makes me very, very sad and horrified.

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