“This means that often modern feminism actually winds up celebrating what it means to be a man, rather than what it means to be a woman.

“I’m not suggesting we return to traditional gender roles. The beauty of feminism is that, first and foremost, it’s supposed to be about choice, and if you want to wear flats and order take-out and never get married, then that’s great.

“But I do suggest that we stop acting like sacrificing a career in order to be a mother, or wearing heels, or expecting men to open doors for us, is somehow inherently anti-feminist. Because to truly live out the ideals of feminism, we have to celebrate all aspects of femininity, and that includes the traditional parts as well.”

Article here.

My own little rant:

Feminism doesn’t mean that any specific woman gets to “have their cake and eat it too”, but that women in general get to choose whatever is right for them.

If some women prefer traditional gender roles, then it’s totally fine for them to manage the home, cook the meals, clean, take care of the kids and have dinner ready for her partner when he/she returns from work.

If other women prefer a more modern role, then it’s also totally fine for them to pursue a career instead of being a housewife.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with that.

Some men feel more comfortable in their role as the sole (or primary) breadwinner in the family, and that’s okay.

Other men will prefer a partner who contributes to the family by working as well.

Still other men will decide to be a house husband, particularly if their partner is in a more financially lucrative job.

What’s wrong with that?

What feminism is about is the right of all women to choose how to live their lives and not be judged for it, whether they want to stick to traditional gender roles or not or live a mixture of the two, with the advantages and disadvantages that come from both sides. What it is NOT arguing for is for a specific woman to only get the best of both – traditional and modern – worlds.