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This is why a system based on meritocracy doesn’t work – because not everyone lives in equal circumstances and life just happens. All it takes is a string of disasters and the lack of a supporting network for your life to crumble down in a system that prizes meritocracy.

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“It’s just a game,” the guy protested.

“Do you realize what you just said to me?” his mother demanded.

“I thought you were Karina,” he blabbed.

“Oh, so you talk to her like that?!”

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“”You have the whole phenomenon of absentee landlords and offshore owners,” explains roommate and Lighthouse alumnus Jeet-Kei Leung, 44. “Which has led to all these large homes being left empty… They’re empty because they’re hard to rent.”

“”If you could split that between seven adults, suddenly you’re actually in an affordable range,” Leung notes, “and what you get for it is well beyond what your average Vancouverite is going to get for the same amount.”

Interesting idea….

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*shakes head*

All the more reason to avoid shopping at big box stores when I can. Do I really want to be supporting this kind of inequality with my money?

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I’m utterly horrified.

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