This article summarizes a depressingly wide breadth of studies showing implicit racial bias over a wide range of human activities.

“There are some counterexamples: Data show that some places, like elite colleges, most likely do favor minority applicants. But this evidence underlies that a helping hand in one area does not preclude harmful shoves in many other areas, including ignored résumés, unhelpful faculty members and reluctant landlords.

“Ugly pockets of conscious bigotry remain in this country, but most discrimination is more insidious. The urge to find and call out the bigot is powerful, and doing so is satisfying. But it is also a way to let ourselves off the hook. Rather than point fingers outward, we should look inward — and examine how, despite best intentions, we discriminate in ways big and small.”

In other words, instead of protesting that you don’t discriminate, take a critical look at your actions and your thought processes and ask yourself why you make the assumptions you do.

Article here.