“Indeed, scientists like her worry that neuroscience has become a dirty business. Too often, they say, labs are stocked with toxic chemicals, dangerous instruments and hapless animal subjects.

“Funding often comes from the military, and some neuroscientists fear their findings may soon be applied in ways that they never intended, raising moral questions that are seldom addressed.

“But their rigid opposition to animal research in particular may come at a steep price.

“…grown disappointed with the “establishment” science in which, he says, academic research and corporate profit priorities are increasingly indistinguishable.”

“Brain technologies emerging today may put anything that George Orwell might have imagined to shame, they say. The government’s ambitious effort to map the human brain, they note, also includes research into whether information can be “written” into the brain.

““The problem is that we haven’t learned from history,” Dr. Ohayon said. “Now we know what science can create.””

First attempts at responsible neuroscience? Time will tell if this model of science is successful and competitive.

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