“Having it all” vs “The Mouseburger plan”.

“And there you have it — we somehow took a puffed-up corporate come-on, one that made Brown herself chafe more than 30 years ago, and twisted it in the collective memory into a false promise of feminism. The built-in vapidity, the vagueness with which “having it all” specifies everything and therefore nothing, allows us to talk as if we know everything we need to know about working mothers while saying nothing substantive about the particular challenges they face. To say that women expect to “have it all” is to trivialize issues like parental leave, equal pay and safe, affordable child care; it makes women sound like entitled, narcissistic battle-axes while also casting them as fools.

“This rewriting of recent history that blames the women’s movement for women’s troubles is just one part of the “backlash” that Susan Faludi wrote about more than two decades ago. It is a self-perpetuating feedback loop of distortions and half-truths. The false accusation of betrayal has “a way of turning women away from making demands on society,” Rosen says. The real betrayal lies not with the women’s movement but with those who would rather keep us distracted by a never-ending sideshow than pay attention to the world as it really is.”

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