“Baigrie was also troubled by the racial dimensions of the case. “If he was a cute white boy at 13, with little dimples and blue eyes, there’s no way this would have happened,” she says.

“There’s a tragic symmetry here. We as a society failed Manuel early on, and he, in turn, failed us. When you can predict that an infant boy of color in a particular ZIP code is more likely to go to prison than to college, it’s our fault more than his. The losers aren’t just those kids but also crime victims like Baigrie — and, in a larger sense, all of us.”

I think what Baigrie is able to do and is doing is incredible. I disagree that she is “suffering from some bizarre form of Stockholm syndrome”; rather, I feel that she is being clear-eyed about the circumstances that led to her unfortunate situation and being empathetic as she learned about his early life with his own tragedies.

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