“Of course you are wrong: working five out of seven days is really just as arbitrary as six days, or three – or twenty-eight for that matter. Chopping up the total amount of work that needs to done in your firm into blocks that suit our human physiology has nothing to do with the actual work. If the total amount of work that needs to be done in a firm in one week equals 20,000 hours, it is just as arbitrary to chop that up into 500 40-hour work weeks as it is to chop it up into 800 blocks of 25 hours.

“Could an approach like theirs work in other industries? Eden McCallum has set itself up as a so-called “double-sided market,” …Clearly, there are other industries where the skill level of a firm’s employees is crucial for competitive advantage.

“In fact, many companies have begun to realize that real competitive advantage is usually based on people rather than patents or products.”

Perhaps they should retitle this piece as “What happens when all employees work when is best for them”.

It’s the companies that realize their competitive advantage comes from their staff – people – that will succeed in the future.

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