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“The scary thing is that it’s not only religion that makes our bodies not our own; it’s engraved into (dare I say) all cultures. Idolizing fashion and celebrity style, dress codes at work, anti-nudity rules, cliques, ageism, female vs. male appropriateness of dress…

“Your body is *the only* thing that belongs to you in this world and in this life; until you realize this, the decisions you make that build your personhood may be on a very fragile foundation. The sole realization of the fact that your body is the only thing you own will make you realize that *none* of us are free, ever, in any circumstance, yet we can be.” – VP
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Cool stuff!

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“Tabloid-only readers are twice as likely to agree with a negative view of politics than readers of no newspapers. They’re not just less politically engaged. They are consuming media that reinforces their negative evaluation of politics, thereby contributing to a fatalistic and cynical attitude to democracy and their own role within it.
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“Where does our universe come in to this? We are, say the authors, living in the three-dimensional event horizon.”

Scientific American article is behind a paywall, original paper is beyond my reading comprehension level.

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“And she [Judge Koh] labeled Mr. Jobs, revered in the modern history of technology, as ‘a, if not the, central figure in the alleged conspiracy’.”

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