I love her accent, her words, her ideas.

“The digital world cannibalizes time.”

We live in a world of connectivity, but that connectivity is also a distraction, and that distraction can result in a disconnect or distortion in our sense of the passage of time as well as milestones in time as we revisit happy or painful moments again and again.

She says so much that I agree with: we need to experience a span of time to have a sense of self and narration; the shocking clarity and sense of self that coalesces when one is truly immersed in the present moment; that connectivity is fast becoming a basic human need, “right up there with food and shelter”.

I can’t not be connected. It’s simply not feasible in this day and age, but I enjoy and treasure those moments when I am disconnected (either willingly or not so willingly) and therefore focussed entirely in the moment, because that is when I feel most alive. Memories cannot be created amid distraction, and at the end of our journey, it will be the memories in our minds, not the ones recorded on digital foolscap, that will be the most vivid.

Video here.