“Saglio, a design student at ECAL in Switzerland, created a series of three digital/analog hybrid clocks to help slow down our consumption of time. By melding the digital world with the analog act of winding a clock, she hopes to make the action less passive.

““Nowadays, time is everywhere, on our computers, on our phones, in the street; it has been so automated that the gestures relative to its reading have now changed,” she explains. “In fact, we no longer have a permanent relationship with time but with the clock.”

“Saglio built the clocks using an Arduino, potentiometer and Mac Mini, which allowed her to connect the physical action of rewinding to the digital animations. Three scripts interpret when the key is being turned, when it stops and when it’s returning to its original position. It’s a fairly technical process disguised by an analog appearance, which Saglio says is a recurring theme in her work. “I try to hide the technical aspects by introducing poetry,” she says. “To make the public forget that it is a complicated work—to erase the boundary between them and me.”

“”I like this aspect of waiting for the time, and not have it like a gadget,” she says. “I wanted to give time back the precious relationship it deserves.””

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