You tell’em, Mark.

“The basic principles — then and now — are variety (eat many different kinds of foods to get all needed nutrients), balance (don’t eat too much of any one food category, especially meat, dairy and junk foods) and moderation (balance calories). To these, we can add: Eat more fruits and vegetables.” – Marion Nestle

“When food is deconstructed into “nutrients” and we start worrying about how much oat bran or how little saturated fat we eat, we play a losing game, one that gives the marketers of processed foods — a very high percentage of which is not food at all — the opportunity to sell high-oat-bran or low-saturated-fat products as “healthy,” regardless of their other properties.

“Thus one purpose of “marketing” is “confusing,” trying to persuade us that we must know a lot to make intelligent food choices. But little research on individual nutrients is conclusive. All you need really worry about is whether what you’re eating is actually food, and if you’re eating too much of one type, or simply too much. Except, again, fruits, vegetables and other minimally processed plants, of which you’d have a hard time eating too much.”

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