I really hope there is more to this story than the article, because as it is, I’m horrified.

“Ms. McKenna said she asked Mr. Miller to be an involved father, but he initially pushed her away. She released a text message from June in which Mr. Miller, explaining why he would not accompany her to an ultrasound, said, “U made this choice against my wish.”

“While Ms. McKenna “did not ‘abduct’ the child,” the court said, “her appropriation of the child while in utero was irresponsible, reprehensible.”

“Ms. McKenna has seen him for a total of 10 days since the handover, said her lawyer, Naved Amed, and is scheduled to have him over Thanksgiving weekend.

“This month, in its scathing reversal of the May decision, the appeals panel in New York rejected the suggestion that “the mother needed to somehow arrange her relocation with the father with whom she had only a brief romantic relationship.””

Yeah, wtf?!