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“Saglio, a design student at ECAL in Switzerland, created a series of three digital/analog hybrid clocks to help slow down our consumption of time. By melding the digital world with the analog act of winding a clock, she hopes to make the action less passive.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a guitar playing Bad Romance. That is all.

Music video here.

Video here.

You tell’em, Mark.

“The basic principles — then and now — are variety (eat many different kinds of foods to get all needed nutrients), balance (don’t eat too much of any one food category, especially meat, dairy and junk foods) and moderation (balance calories). To these, we can add: Eat more fruits and vegetables.” – Marion Nestle

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“Bob, one of the foremost experts on the food of Thailand who has written restaurant reviews there for decades, said that durian reminds him of crème brûlée. “It tastes like something that was prepared in a kitchen, not grown on a tree,” he said after sampling a particularly delightful durian.”

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