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Jump-starter kits eh? And people are actually snapping these up faster than the company can make them…

…am I the only one who feels that the rebuttal to Chris Turner focusses on two points, one disturbing and one moot: that there is no war on science because if scientists were being muzzled, we wouldn’t hear about it – chills, anyone? – and that funding for science is at an all time high in Canada, even though Turner has already acknowledged the increase in industry – related areas that the Conservative government has deemed worthy of funding?

It’s a good listen. At first, I brushed it off – of course animals experience emotions, we’re not just anthropomorphilizing them – but Berns makes a good point when he says that you still need to prove it scientifically because then it raises a lot of moral questions about agricultural practices involving sentient beings.

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The plot thickens!

And people say nothing scandalous happens in Canadian politics…