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I read a blurb on this in the local free newspaper on Friday.

I am speechless for so many reasons.

“Scientific studies show that the leading cause of rape are women who wear skirts. Do you know why?

“Because men have eyes.”


The art of misdirection indeed.

The scientific method, as taught in high school, does not actually work in the laboratory.

The less I know about a subject, the harder I find it is to ask questions, whereas the more I know, the more questions I start to have. Some of these are applications questions, some are confirmatory and a whole lot are theoretical, and sometimes, people wonder why I query so much.

I ask questions so I know how to fit a newly discovered fact or idea into my worldview (once I decide whether it has merit or not, of course).


56 Ways of Saying I Don’t Remember – an OpDoc from the NY Times.

“I remember what I’ve forgotten and I forget what I remember.

“Once upon a time… and so on.

“I’ve lost something. What’s the word?