Of course, I’m talking specifically about the Grand Old Party and their “War on Women”. They’re not forcing American women to cover up or stay in their homes, they’re not banning women from travelling around without a male relative, and they’re not rejecting the idea of education for women. Yet.

But what they have said, and what they have insinuated they want for the future of America, is chillingly backwards conservative. Steeped in old Biblical lore conservative (but note that work will not stop on the Sabbath. Greedy capitalists). The Taliban were enamored with Shari’a law.

True, the intensity is not there yet. The fanaticism still has not reached fevered pitch. But the ideology that fuels the Republicans is there, and they cling to it with all the fanatical religious faith they can muster. Much like the Taliban.

I try to stay away from American politics, for the simple reason that as I grow older and find that there are rights I consider inalienable rights, I have discovered that I have become increasingly unable to understand Americans, particularly those of a religious or conservative cloth.

It’s not even funny anymore. It’s scary, this divide I feel between their rationale and mine.