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I think that almost everyone acknowledges that there is the opposite of a dearth of educated professionals right now – in fact, the supply of educated workers has far outstripped demand – but what is the result on our young, educated adults?

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Someone with a high school diploma can expect to start earning anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 a year.

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There was a very encouraging article in Nature recently on the importance of having work-life balance.

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Apart from bacterial resistance and the development of “super bugs”, when we take antibiotics unnecessarily (ie, for ailments caused by viruses and fungi or other parasites, for example), we can also wipe out our body’s helpful fauna of bacteria.

The second half of this article from the NY Times has a few anecdoctes on how taking antibiotics can change the populations of bacteria in our gut. Good thing, bad thing? Well, considering we co-evolved with these microorganisms over time, tinkering with our symbiosis without understanding the connection we have can only be construed as an idiot, or at the very least, a clumsy-footed fellow playing at being God.