So, Amy Winehouse has finally been found dead, cause of death suspected to be the drugs and alcohol that was a constant part of her life.

Richard A Friedman, MD, of the NY Times,  wrote an essay on addiction centred around Ms. Winehouse’s death.

I agree with what he says, particularly the bit about how everyone, under the right circumstances, are susceptible to addiction to drugs and alcohol, but I do have to comment that artists seem more susceptible to drug and alcohol addiction than those in the maths and sciences, for example. We flirt with drugs and alcohol too (oh, definitely the alcohol), but addiction seems to be less common. One could argue that the pressures and stresses are different, but then you’ve obviously never talked to a graduate student trying to graduate. It might also be that the loosening of creativity is often tied to drug and alcohol use, too.

Ms. Winehouse’s music was not my cup of tea, but I can definitely see the art in her work even if I can’t quite appreciate it. In any case, we’ve lost another young adult, another fine artist. It almost makes one wish we could put them under lock and key to prevent this kind of OD.