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Recently, the New York Times magazine did a piece on an idea a professor of psychology, Dr. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, has been putting forward since 2000 – an idea that the twenties are not just the best time of your life, if that at all, but a time of your life in which you are not an adolescent, a maturing child, but neither are you a fully fledged adult, ready to take on the traditional responsibilities of adulthood; in short, a time of your life he calls emerging adulthood.

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Everyone tells us to eat healthy, to exercise, to sleep well, to live a life without stress to live a long and happy life. Almost all of the science to date either support these conclusions or are inconclusive (read: authors found no significant difference). Nothing so far (that I know of) refutes any of the common knowledge, common sense, government-endorsed advice in the opening sentence.

A no-brainer, right?

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I hadn’t thought much about this until I recently stumbled across an article in the NY Times about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

To summarize, the author of the piece comments on the reaction of his “single, 23, intellectually adventurous and sure of herself” female friend when he conversationally mentions that Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding band post-wedding ceremony. He then quotes from bloggers who initially shared his friend’s strong, negative reaction before changing their minds upon thinking about the meaning of the wedding band and finishes with a segment on engagement rings.

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